Two guys, a basement lab, countless of experiments and a vision to transform the conventional production of consumer products. This is how the journey of pond initially started.

pond was founded by Mechanical Engineer Thomas Brorsen Pedersen and Chemist Martin Jensen in July 2015 where the company saw its first peak of daylight. But in fact, the passion and experience with biomaterials go much further back.

It all started with a young boy’s interest in creating surfboards back in the 80’s. It was a time dominated by conventional production methods and with limited focus on sustainable products. At that time, surfboards were made of oil based epoxy and artificial fibers such as carbon, glass and kevlar. After usage the products were burned resulting in a vast amount of Co2 being released into the earth’s atmosphere. Ultimately, this was the beginning of a lifelong interest in composite materials.

This later lead to the discovery of the first known, fully biobased resin system capable of creating new opportunities for manufacturing sustainable products made from natural fibers. Therefore, pond’s main objective is to revolutionize the way humans produce a variety of products from using conventional oil based plastic solutions to 100% biomaterials.

We still use traditional productions methods today in 2017 – we want that changed.