We refer to ourselves as Ponders because we strongly believe in the company culture that we are building around the concept of the pond – where everything has a natural order, in part of a symbiosis. To be a Ponder means care about the planet, its people and to have a purpose in life.

The Ponders who wanders are a growing team of dedicated professionals who each bring their expertise and genuine passion for biocomposites, chemistry and the creation of a sustainable planet. Today our team of specialists has more than 40 years of combined experience within the industry. Our diverse backgrounds help us address various business challenges and guide companies to explore new cradle to cradle production solutions.



Chief Officers
Thomas Brorsen Pedersen
Thomas Brorsen PedersenCEO & Founder
Martin Jensen
Martin JensenCTO & Founder
Pernille Alberg Pedersen
Pernille Alberg PedersenCEO & Co-founder

Thomas Holdgård Jensen
Thomas Holdgård JensenProject Manager

Pond Textile
Camilla Stride
Camilla StrideDevelopment Chemist
Tobias Kjær Bechgaard
Tobias Kjær BechgaardDevelopment Chemist
Natalia G. Mulvad
Natalia G. MulvadLaboratory Technician
Altug Karabiber
Altug KarabiberProcess Engineer
Silke Foged
Silke FogedProject Manager

Interns/student workers
Kattaliit Rosenørn Løvstrøm
Kattaliit Rosenørn LøvstrømLaboratory Trainee
Frederik Just Melson
Frederik Just MelsonStudent Engineering