Whether you seek to develop the next wind turbine blade, a new piece of furniture or perhaps a surfboard, it is possible to produce a wide range of sustainable products with our innovative technology. With the combination of Pond bio resins and endless varieties of natural fibers, you can make your final product 100% biobased and biodegradable. The products below are a small selection of the solutions we can create using our innovative technology.


With our unique POND BIO FIBER you can get plans to grow as a plant wall with airlay or wetlay techniques


With our POND ORIGINAL BIO RESIN it is possible to create wind turbine blades using RTM and VARTM infusion techniques


Depending on what type of furniture you want to develop, it is possible to use a variety of our resin types with different moulding techniques such as airlaid, infusion and injection moulding


Surfboards can be designed based on our POND ORIGINAL BIO RESIN and infusion moulding techniques like RTM and VARTM


Create fun looking buttons in multiple colours using POND ORIGINAL BIO RESIN ready for injection moulding techniques


A wide range of packaging solutions for various industries can be created using our POND BIO GRANULATE combined with an injection moulding technique