//A 2-day learning experience with the ponders

A 2-day learning experience with the ponders

At pond we believe that in order to successfully achieve our goals and create sustainable solutions for the planet, the organisation must consist of a best-in-class teamwork environment.

As we are a team consisting of different backgrounds, personalities and competences, we decided to dedicate precious time to build a good fundamental ground for a high-performance teamwork culture. That is why the whole pond team went on a two-day fieldtrip packed with various activities in natural surroundings near Skanderborg. Through the activities we learned how successful teams communicate and perform in order to channel these reflections back into the office.

The fieldtrip resulted in a ponder handbook with a clear manifesto that declares which values we follow and how the success of pond shall be measured in our everyday work. Hereby achieving a characterisation of what responsibility lies with being a ponder. In so we firmly believe that we have generated an internal code of conduct and thus created a platform for growing a ponder culture characterised by our three values in this order – planet, people and profit.

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