As you may know, we want to substitute all crude oil based plastic in this world!
It is ambitious, so it can only be done if we join forces and take brave and big leaps.

We want to partner up with market leaders within different industries, to have the biggest impact possible. Therefore, we have joined forces with a major player in the fashion industry.

Friday, May 4th, we signed a partnership agreement with HeartLand, who among other companies, owns the global brand Bestseller. The new company is named pond Textile A/S.

pond Textile will develop materials for the fashion industry, replacing current crude oil based garments like nylon and polyester, with a new fully bio-based and biodegradable material.

We believe a combination of pond’s technology and HeartLand’s knowledge within textiles and their market access means that we can jointly make a big impact for the planet.

We look forward working with HeartLand and hope that you will support the new partnership and support the mission of revolutionizing the fashion industry.


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