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Pond wins the LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge

Participating in the LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge November 2015, Pond was chosen to be among the world’s top ten most innovative businesses focusing on sustainable materials. Such materials reveal a massive potential of dramatically improving the products manufactured on Earth.

There are countless application possibilities using bioresin. This resulted in a sent application to participate in the LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge for entrepreneurs in Malmö, Sweden. Pond was chosen among many applicants from more than 30 countries around the world to present the bioresin technology in front of representatives from NASA, U.S department of State, Ikea, Nike and H&M.

The whole purpose of the LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge is to create a better world for materials. Therefore the focus was on innovations with the potential to shape the future through sustainable materials and production. The ten LAUNCH Nordic innovators were all selected based on their positive impact on environmental or social factors. By introducing new types of materials or alternative ways of using known materials, the innovations have the potential to significantly increase sustainability in production, manufacturing, and recycling.

With the new title in hand Pond returned home with 35 potential projects and a small revelation from meeting with former NASA astronaut Cady Coleman. “In order to get to the moon you have to build an spaceship functioning as an entire ecosystem. From space Earth is nothing more than a tiny spaceship. Then you start to realize we need to take really good care of our only home” recalls CEO Thomas Brorsen from the encounter with the former astronaut.

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