Neat bioresin

POND ORIGINAL BIO RESIN is a neat resin ready to be mixed with various fibers

  • Available in viscosities down to 50 mPa.s resulting in obtained fiber fractions up to 80-85 °C

  • Supplied in versions with high green strength
  • Recommended cure temperature 110-150 °C
  • Suitable for infusion techniques (RTM and VARTM) and injection


Bioresin in fiber format in white and black

POND BIO FIBER is a resin in a single – or bicomponent fiber format.

  • Provides easy mixing with all types of fibres
  • Low processing temperature, processable at 135-155 °C
  • Available in different colours
  • Suitable for airlaid, wetlay and needle punch techniques


Bioresin in granulate format

POND BIO GRANULATE is a resin already mixed with natural fibers upon delivery.

  • Ideal to combine with short cut natural fibres
  • High melt flow index even at 170 °C
  • Available in compositions with varying degree of flexibility
  • Suitable for injection moulding


pond produces bio resin systems which is 100% biobased and fully degradable in nature. They are suitable to bind all natural fibers such as flax, hemp, pineapple, palm leaves, cotton, banana and jute resulting in making fully biodegradable products.

In addition, it can also be applied to conventional fibers such as glass, carbon and kevlar.

pond’s bio resin systems are mainly based on starch and designed to replace traditional oil based resins and plastics. The bio resins have comparable performance and processing conditions as epoxy resin.

What makes the bio resin systems unique from other resins is its biodegradability and the fact that it is made from natural sources. When combining the pond bio resins with natural fibers, the final product becomes 100% biodegradable when exposed to certain bacteria strains found in nature.

The final product then enters the full cycle of the “cradle to cradle” principle, which we here at pond are strong advocators for. It is possible to tailor the degradation rate to fit the product lifespan making the product stable under indoor and outdoor conditions.

The technical specifications will vary depending on which natural fiber you choose and not only on the specifications on the neat resin. If you want to know more about the technical aspects, please contact us for further information.